LSF Grant Awards for 2015-16
Last spring, the LSF awarded almost $50,000 in grants to administrators, teachers, and staff on both the Lincoln and Hanscom campuses. The LSF was pleased and impressed with the wide variety of creative grant proposals that dedicated educators submitted. The approved grants covered many areas of the curriculum: science, literacy, art, wellness, technology of many kinds, social studies, and community outreach.

Grants Awarded for the 2012-13 School Year

1.  Science & Social Studies Workboard Activities, Grade 1      

Tiffany Shaw, Hanscom 1st Grade Teacher

Kristy James, Hanscom 1st Grade Teacher

Carol Mahn, Hanscom 1st Grade Teacher

Mary-Ann Sullivan, Hanscom 1st Grade Teacher    

The first grade team at Hanscom developed science and social studies activities to add to their workboard system. The complex workboard system currently offers activities in phonics practice, reading response, writing, and poetry, providing yet another wonderful opportunity for 1st graders to have hands-on, innovative, and authentic learning.


2.  A Visit with Artist/Illustrator, Bryan Collier: Connecting Children to History & Humanity through Watercolor & Collage                 

Nancy Rote, Hanscom Library Media Specialist                                   

A renowned artist and illustrator, Bryan Collier’s illustrations make sometimes difficult historical subjects accessible to younger children and encourage a love of reading. His powerful presentation encouraged students to talk to each other about their own experiences, and tell their individual stories through their own art.
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3.  Journey North and Fourth Grade Social Studies                                  

Carolyn Dwyer, Lincoln 4th Grade Teacher                  

Sarah Wood, Lincoln 4th Grade Teacher

Melissa D’Agostino, Lincoln 4th Grade Teacher

Scot Dexter, Lincoln 4th Grade Teacher              

The Lincoln School’s 4th grade team enhanced the successful Journey North Online Project by integrating it with the current social studies curriculum. This wonderful program links social studies, current events, math, science, and language arts. It beautifully complements the 4th grade curriculum that focuses on a student’s place in the community and in the world, locally, nationally, and internationally.


4.  Diverse Families in Pictures and Words                                      

Matthew Reed, Lincoln 1st Grade Teacher                                          

Lincoln 1st Grade Teaching Team

Mark McDonough, Lincoln Technology Integration Specialist and Diversity Committee Member

Matt Reed and the Lincoln School 1st grade team, along with Mark McDonough, Diversity Committee member, teamed up to present a photo collage that showcases diversity in the families at the Lincoln School. Each 1st grade student provided a family photo and wrote a short story about their family. The resulting exhibit celebrated the commonalities that our families share and their differences as students come to understand that all types of families make up our Lincoln School community.
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5.  Database of Digital Resources for Small Group Reading Instruction

Judy Merra, English Language Arts Content Specialist               

Judy Merra introduced digital books to students in kindergarten through 3rd grades. Literacy specialists added the digital books to their curriculum, enhancing a child’s ability to derive context from text and pictures.


6.  Teaching in a Technology-Rich Environment                                   

Mary Sterling, Assistant Superintendent, Lincoln School District         

Erich Ledebuhr, Principal, Hanscom Middle School                           

A technology-based grant from Lincoln School District administrators promoted new technology initiatives among K-8 teachers and staff on both campuses. This grant provided funds for teachers to attend a day-long, interactive seminar to learn about technology principles and practices that they can integrate into their classrooms.


7.  Web-based Curriculum Resource Development      

Mary Sterling, Assistant Superintendent, Lincoln School District           

Cindy Matthes, Curriculum Leader for Technology

Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library/Media Specialist

A technology-based grant from Lincoln School District administrators promoted new technology initiatives among K-8 teachers and staff on both campuses. A group of teachers and administrators worked cooperatively to research and explore various models of organizing web-based resources and develop a set of criteria for evaluating them, all with an eye toward creating a directory of high-quality resources that can be used across campuses.     


8.  21st Century Technology for 21st Century Skills   

Blake Siskavich, Lincoln Kindergarten Teacher                                   

Lincoln Kindergarten Teaching Team and Gwen Blumberg, Lincoln Literacy Specialist

Collaborators: Lincoln/Hanscom 1-2 Classroom Teachers, Technology Integration Specialists, Hanscom Literacy Specialist

This collaborative, cross-campus, multi-grade initiative led by Blake Siskavich brought listening center libraries into the 21st century. Materials on each campus were updated to a digital format. Multiple students reading at different levels will be able to access the listening centers at the same time, facilitating one of the “Daily Five” literacy initiatives, “Listen to Reading.” An added component led by Gwen Blumberg and based on NPR’s “StoryCorps” will build a listening library created by parents, grandparents, family members, faculty, and students from across the community. 


9.  Yoga for Youth:  5th through 8th Grades 

Scott Burke, Lincoln Middle School Wellness Teacher 

Tara Rachel Jones, M.Ed., Lincoln, MA      

Scott Burke worked with a professional yoga instructor to bring yoga to middle school students. Students learned yoga while the wellness instructors observed and learned how to lead the students in simple yoga moves to provide flexibility, strength, and a sense of calm as they deal with the stresses of adolescence.


10.  The Flipped Classroom:  Inverting 7th Grade Social Studies 

Keith Johnson, Lincoln 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher          

Building on the success of the flipped classroom piloted by Josh Gold on the Hanscom campus last year, Lincoln School 7th grade Social Studies teacher Keith Johnson created “vodcasts” for students to watch at home. The following day, Mr. Johnson used classroom time to delve more deeply into the lesson the students listened to on the vodcast. This flipped classroom approach allows the teacher to more easily differentiate instruction and provides more time for students to explore what most interests them.
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11.  Interactive eBooks for 2nd Graders 

Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library/Media Specialist                                     

Lincoln 2nd Grade Teaching Team

Alice Sajdera purchased several eBooks written by Steve Jenkins. The digital books use an engaging interactive format to teach math and science concepts while encouraging students to practice critical reading skills.


12.  21st Century Classroom: Using Electronic WhiteBoards  

Scot Dexter, Lincoln 3rd Grade Teacher                                    

Joe Colombo, Lincoln 3rd Grade Teacher

Another grant in line with the 21st Century Classroom theme is Joe Colombo and Scot Dexter’s grant for interactive software and electronic whiteboard technology updates for the 3rd grade curricula.