LSF Board of Trustees 2017-18
DJ Mitchell, Chair
Ginger Reiner, Treasurer
Elaine Papoulias, Secretary
Gabrielle Berberian
Cathie Bitter
Juliana Delahunty
Lis Herbert
Jen Holleran
Audrey Kalmus
Tareef Kawaf
Lucy Maulsby
Aldis Russell
Tricia Thornton-Wells
Nick Whitman
Laurel Wironen

About Us

Since its inception in 1988, the Lincoln School Foundation (LSF) has established a proud tradition of awarding community-raised funds to faculty, school administrators, and community members who strive for educational excellence in the Lincoln School District.

Our Mission

To inspire and fund innovation that fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and authentic learning experiences for every student in the Lincoln Public Schools.

What Do The Teachers Say?

“It changes things to work in a district with an organization like LSF. You are always right there to back up teachers’ willingness to take risks, to try out new ideas, to think big, or perhaps very small. Instead of the first response, ‘that’s too expensive’, ‘it’s not in the budget’, or ‘scale back’, we know LSF will help us find a way. I am honored to work in such a district. I know I am a better teacher for it. The rug project is just one of many examples of the support provided for the innovation of teaching that creates a rich learning environment. Thank you again LSF for all you do!”
- Colleen Pearce, Lincoln School Art Teacher, Preschool–4th grade, Colonial Rug Braiding Grant 2015 

“LSF afforded me the opportunity to expand and update the Lincoln Public Schools K-2 classroom listening library to a digital format. Their support gave me the resources to make this idea a reality. I look forward to working with LSF again!”
- Blake Siskavich in collaboration with Kindergarten Teaching Team and Gwen Blumberg, Literary Specialist, 
Digital Listening Library Grant 2012

How do we differ from the PTO?

The LSF enables our teachers and staff to reach beyond traditional programs and uncover new and innovative tools and techniques to bring to the classroom. LSF grants provide the seed money to make these programs a reality. The PTO plays an important role in funding long-standing programs that have become core elements in the curriculum, yet fall outside the school's operating budget. Together, these two organizations provide tremendous resources for our school community.

Need to Contact Us?

For inquiries regarding grants, events, or donations, e-mail us at