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LSF Donors

We kindly thank our donors who have so generously supported us through the years!

2010-11 Annual Campaign Donors

Corporate/Organizational Donors

Doherty's Garage, Inc. 
Premier Cleaners & Tailor

Joseph Warren Soley Lodge F&AM
Welfare Fund Hanscom Spouses Club 

Individual Donors

Shihab Ahmed and Marlene Major-Ahmed
Sharon Antia
Tim and Beth Taylor Barclay
Andrew and Susan Beard
Ylisabyth and Peter Conrad Bradshaw
Russ Campanello and Betsey Yeats
Judith Casarella and Rodd Halstead
Irene Chu & Cindy DeChristofaro
G.Y. and Li Chuan Lin Chu
Joyce Cole
Mark Conway
Lisette and Phil Cooper
Thomas and Jillian Darling
Gregory and Erica Darnall
Mark and Patricia Deck
Francois and Rosamond Delori
Natalie DeNormandie
Gloria DiMambro
Julie Dobrow and Lawrence Vale
Jonathan Donaldson
Elizabeth Donaldson
Moira Donnell and Arthur Kurtz
Kathryn and Dan Doyle
Beth du Toit
Mia Dubosarsky
Lisa and Doug Elder
Linn Parish Elmes
Lynda and Harold Engstrom
Jennifer and Richard Flanagan
John B. Fortune MD
Joel Freedman and Ann Risso
John French
Bob and Kathy Garner
Jerry and Anne Gechter
Elizabeth Graver and Jim Pingeon
Myra & Jeff Heidt Green
Adam Greenberg
Evelyn Harris
David Mills and Melissa Henken
Julia Hibben
Peter and Bonnie Higgins
Craig and Heather Hill
Ruth Hodges and John LeClaire
Melanie and Stephen Hoenig
Fred & Betty Herr Hopengarten
Leslie Hunter & Jeff Stein
Caroline & Anthony Pickman Husher
Maria and Keith Hylton
Robert Jevon Jr. and Megan Stride

Satish Kantheti
Carole and Chris Kasper
Daphne Kempner & Joel Meyerson
Max and Paige Kempner
Mike and Sarah Killick
Wendy and Lem Kusik
Kathy and Warren Lammert
Shih-Ying and Lena Lee
John Little
Jian Hong & Yu Juan Chen Liu
Tom and Lucia Longnecker
Stacy and Mike Mach
Paul Marsh
Peyton and Nancy Marshall III
Nick & Libby Maynard
Beth McLaughlin
Linda & Timothy Oldfield McMillan
Michael & Alexandra Lexton-Metzner
Keith Miller
Tara and Kenneth Mitchell
Ruth and Pete Montero
Heather Murray
Susan Hall Mygatt
Ilona Oats & Alex Yarov
Andrew Ory & Linda Hammett Ory
Eloise and Jeff Patterson
Andrew and Kellie Payne
Terry and Steven Perlmutter
Sylvia and Chris Perry
Alyson Porter and Eli Torgeson
Karen Prince and Jeff Hacker
Laura Regrut and Roger Gallo
Thomas and Melissa Risser
Cathy Rogers
Paola Rossoni
Ann Chatham Rote
Allan and Eliza Royal
Fred and Sandra Ruland
Marjorie and Walter Salmon
Karen and Greg Salvucci
Betty-Jane Scheff
Alvin Schmertzler
Dorothy Shamonsky and Andy Bennett
Virginia Sherwood
Ronald and Gina Aarons Siegel
Nancy Smith
Tucker Smith
Jane Stewart
Debbie and Bruce Strock
Elizabeth Taylor
John Terrell
Steven and Nancy Wilcox
Heidi Yeh and David Bau