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Held June 7th, 2013, 7pm
at 105 Lincoln Road, Lincoln

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THANK YOU to all our donors who helped make the 2012-2013 school year a successful one and who have contributed to support these exciting grants for the 2013-2014 school year. It’s your generous support that allows our faculty and school administrators to strive for educational excellence and reach beyond state standards. Your dollars fund the grants that energize teachers and students, extend professional development, and build lasting partnerships between our schools and our community.

Our schools, our town. 
Keep them strong! 

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Newsletter - Spring 2013

Our schools, our town. Keep them strong! 

Welcome to our inaugural e-newsletter, our new electronic format that will update you on Lincoln School Foundation grants and activities, and quickly link you to additional information. The LSF, now in its 25th year of volunteerism, is pleased to announce the award of over $45,000 across 13 grants to Lincoln and Hanscom faculty and staff for next school year, 2013-2014. These grants encompass science, math, technology, literacy, languages, music, and art, and range from small initiatives in the classroom to broad-reaching projects across the community. This is also the inaugural year of BIG, our Big Idea Grant program which dedicates a portion of our funds raised each year to grants that are “big”-scope, “big”-impact ideas. With the generous support of our community and the Ogden-Codman Trust, we are happy to announce the funding of three BIG grants in our first year: Exploring the Wetlands, Digging Deeper with the Science Common Core, and The Technology Director’s Challenge. We are honored to continue our support for Lincoln's hard-working educators in designing innovative and creative projects, both large and small, that enhance our schools and our community. Thank you for your ongoing support – your generous donations have allowed us to award over one million dollars in our first 25 years, and we’re so excited to embark on the next 25 years of educational innovation with your support! 


A Year for Innovative Grants

The 2012-2013 school year brought these innovative LSF grants to classrooms. 
Find out more about the following 2012-13 Grants here > 

  • Science & Social Studies Workboard Activities, Tiffany Shaw, Kristy James, Carol Mahn, Mary-Ann Sullivan, Hanscom 1st Grade Teachers 
  • A Visit with Artist/Illustrator Bryan Collier: Connecting Children to History & Humanity through Watercolor & Collage, Nancy Rote, Hanscom Library Media Specialist
  • Journey North and Fourth Grade Social Studies, Carolyn Dwyer, Sarah Wood, Melissa D'Agostino, Scot Dexter, Lincoln 4th Grade Teachers
  • Diverse Families in Pictures and Words [include a link to an article], Matthew Reed, Lincoln 1st Grade Teacher and the 1st Grade Teaching Team; Mark McDonough, Lincoln Technology Integration Specialist and Diversity Committee Member
  • Database of Digital Resources for Small Group Reading Instruction, Judy Merra, English Language Arts Content Specialist
  • Teaching in a Technology-Rich Environment, Mary Sterling, Assistant Superintendent, Erich Ledebuhr, Principal, Hanscom Middle School  
  • Web-based Curriculum Resource Development, Mary Sterling, Assistant Superintendent, Cindy Matthes, Curriculm Leader for Technology, Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library Media Specialist
  • 21st Century Technology for 21st Century Skills, Blake Siskavich, Lincoln Kindergarten Teacher and the Lincoln K Teaching Team, Gwen Blumberg, Lincoln Literacy Specialist, with collaboration with Lincoln and Hanscom 1st and 2nd Grade Teachers, Technology Integration Specialists, and Hanscom Literacy Specialist
  • Yoga for Youth: 5th through 8th Grades, Scott Burke, Lincoln Middle School Wellness Teacher
  • The Flipped Classroom: Inverting 7th Grade Social Studies, Keith Johnson, Lincoln 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Interactive eBooks for 2nd Graders, Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library Media Specialist, the Lincoln 2nd Grade Teaching Team
  • 21st Century Classroom: Using Electronic WhiteBoards, Scot Dexter and Joe Colombo, Lincoln 3rd Grade 3 Teachers


Approved Grants for 2013-14:

We are excited to be able to simultaneously support individual teacher requests for items such as books and drums, provide a foundation for new district ventures in the arenas of science and technology, and help to create a community-wide project that impacts our children and our town with the wetlands project. The 2013-14 school year promises to be an exciting one! 
Find out more about the following 2013-14 Grants here >

BIG Idea Grants

In honor of our 25th anniversary, the LSF launched a new concept this year: the Big Idea Grant (BIG). We offered one or more grants of at least $10,000 for proposals that were ambitious, aligned with district goals, and encompassed both Lincoln and Hanscom schools. With the generous support of the community and the Ogden-Codman Trust, we are pleased to announce that we are able to fund three BIG ideas for the 2013-2014 school year! Our grants cycle coincided with the Lincoln District evolving to include new science and technology directors. This provides an opportunity for LSF to support our district at the beginning of two major new initiatives that will impact all children for years to come. 

  • Exploring the Wetlands, Terry Green, Lincoln & Hanscom Science Teacher, Mary Sterling, Assistant Superintendent 
  • Digging Deeper with the Science Common Core, Teachers from Smith, Brooks, and Hanscom, and the Science Leader
  • The Technology Director’s Challenge, Technology Director

In-Cycle Grants

In addition to these three BIG ideas, we are also excited about the following in-cycle grants that will be funded by the LSF: 

  • Rosetta Stone for French, Karena Hansen, Hanscom Content Specialist for Foreign Language
  • We Can Do African Drumming! Howard Worona, Hanscom Music Teacher
  • Socrative Classes, Josh Gold, Hanscom Math Teacher 
  • Science Books for Reading Buddies, Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library Media Specialist, Nancy Rote, Hanscom Library Media Specialist
  • A Visit from Author Tim Green, Alice Sajdera, Lincoln Library Media Specialist
  • Enhancing Science Instruction Using Mentoring Texts, Terry Green, Lincoln and Hanscom Science Teacher
  • Literacy Center Manipulatives Project, Gwen Blumberg, Lincoln Literacy Specialist

Out-of-Cycle Grants (OOC) 

The LSF also awarded the following grants outside the normal spring grant cycle period:

  • DreamBox, a Web-adaptive Math Program, Elaine Herzog, Hanscom K-3 Math Specialist 
  • Science in Our Schools, Claire Moore, Hanscom 5th Grade Science Teacher
  • Art on Screen, Lincoln & Hanscom Art Teachers


Another Successful Spelling Bee

The LSF was proud host of the annual town-wide Spelling Bee, a springtime ritual for grades 3 through 6 that was held on Sunday, April 28th at the Lincoln Middle School. This sixth year of competition saw another terrific turnout with 45 teams of Lincoln and Hanscom school students—more than 120 excited and very smart spellers anxiously awaiting their chance to bring home the coveted Lantern of Knowledge trophies!
Read the Lincoln Journal article about this year's spelling bee (pdf) >

Many thanks to all the students and parents who participated in this fun community event and fundraiser. Your contributions reinforce the LSF mission: supporting the students, faculty, and administration of the Lincoln and Hanscom schools by awarding privately-funded grants which enrich the curriculum, extend professional development, and enhance the school and community partnership. We hope to see you back again next year. 

And a big thank you goes out to all the faculty and staff of the Lincoln School District, The Town of Lincoln, Hanscom AF Base, and LSF volunteers who spent the afternoon announcing, judging, and helping contestants and families enjoy a fun afternoon of competition and community! Be sure to check the website again next fall for the date of the 2014 Spelling Bee.


Honor A Teacher & Staff program (HATS)

The LSF Honor A Teacher & Staff program (HATS) gives you the perfect opportunity to recognize teachers and staff members of your choice while supporting the Lincoln School Foundation. For a gift of $15, the LSF will award a certificate of appreciation to a special professional at the Lincoln or Hanscom schools. For $50, you may honor five individuals. For $50 or $100, you may honor a Grade Teaching Team or Staff Team as a group. This is a quick and easy way to say thanks to a Middle School Teaching team, the Administration Team, our team of Custodians, the LEAP After School Team, Transportation and Cafeteria Teams—you name it! It’s the perfect end-of-year gift for teachers and staff. Honor them while providing vital financial support to fund LSF grant initiatives. You can do it all online.
Find out more and order HATS here >