2019 LSF Spelling Bee Registration

The Bee is open to students in grades 3-6 from Smith, Brooks, the Hanscom Schools, and residents of Lincoln and Hanscom A.F.B. who attend private school or are home-schooled. Children within the same grade should register as a two- or three-person team, and team members should create a team name to be included on the entry form.

Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
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Grade *
Does your child need a new T-shirt? *
T-shirt size (if needed)
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Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
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Photo Release *
During the Spelling Bee, LSF board members may take pictures for marketing purposes (for print & online publication). Parents/guardians may opt out of use of these photos.

Spellers must pre-register, and one entry form is required per speller

If your child participated last year, please make sure that you can find last year’s Bee shirt, and then make sure it fits! Then submit the entry form and continue to payment. Your child’s Bee registration is not complete until payment is received. To ensure complete team registration, please confirm with ALL team members that they have also submitted an entry form.

Registration Fee

$25 if speller needs a new Bee shirt

$20 if speller is re-wearing last year’s Bee shirt

Scholarships are available


Please email Gabby Berberian at bee@lincolnschoolfoundation.org