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"These are busy, creative times!"

Becca Fasciano, HMS Science Teacher

The LSF hopes to inspire you to look at the big picture in education and take the risk of bringing something new and innovative to your classroom, your grade level, your school, and/or the district.

What is your vision for education? Can we help you test this out? Perhaps you are curious about a new classroom format, program, or a new way of teaching? Have you heard about an innovative professional development program? Would you like time for a learning visit to another school or a conference? Are there new technologies that you would like to explore? Feel free to partner with your grade-level team, other faculty, administration, parents, or community organizations. 

How do you get started?

Applying for a grant is simple and straightforward. First, meet with your principal to discuss your grant idea. Once you have thought it through with your principal and colleagues, start writing your application. To make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, get signatures, and submit, grant applications are available as a Google Doc. Once completed and approved by your principal and Rob Ford (when applicable), finished applications may be shared electronically through Google Docs, submitted in LSF grant boxes in school offices, personally delivered to any LSF Trustee, or mailed to Lincoln School Foundation, PO Box 256, Lincoln, MA 01773.

Grants may be submitted outside of the LSF grant cycle window at any time. This is then called an Out-of-Cycle grant.

What's the process?

Your grant will be reviewed by the LSF Board during our annual Grant Review sessions held in March and April. You will be assigned a Board Liaison to help answer any questions during the grant review process. Grants are typically awarded by mid-May, and are published in our Spring newsletter and in the Lincoln Journal. Out-of-Cycle Grants are awarded only after a review by the LSF Board at one or more monthly Board meetings. If you receive a grant award, you will be required to submit and send a letter to the families of children who benefited from the grant, highlighting the grant, its outcomes and findings/benefits. 

Important Dates

2018 Grant Cycle
January 3 to February 28

Application Review
March and April

2018-19 Grants Awarded

How to Apply

To make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, get signatures, and submit, you can now fill out the grant application as a Google Doc

Or, if you prefer, download the Grant Application Form (pdf).

Guidelines & Criteria

Grant Application Guidelines (pdf)

Criteria for Evaluation of Grant Applications (pdf)

Out-of Cycle Grants

Have an innovative idea, but the grant cycle has closed? You may apply for an Out-of-Cycle Grant. Send inquiries to grants@  

Follow-up for Grant Recipients

Grants in Action Information
For guidelines on how to manage your grant, click here.

Final Grant Report
Our final grant report is a letter notifying the families of impacted students about the benefits of the grant and is sent home in backpacks and posted in the school newsletter(s).

Grant Report Samples:
8th Grade Advisories Update
STE(A)M Robotics
Reclaimed Rope
Oaxacan Weaver

Have Questions?

Email us at grants@