Spelling Bee Poster Contest

The Lincoln School Foundation is excited to invite all students in grades 3-6 to participate in our Spelling Bee Poster contest!  This is an opportunity to use your creativity to make a poster with the slogan Don’t Worry - BEE Happy! The winner will receive an Amazon gift card for $30, and the runner up will receive one for $15! Students may work together and submit a poster as a small group, but only one prize will be awarded to the group to share.

All posters will be displayed and voted on the week before the Bee. The winning poster and the runner up will be announced in the morning announcements and displayed on the big screen on the day of the Spelling Bee. You do not need to be a participant of the Spelling Bee to join the poster contest!

Please email bee@lincolnschoolfoundation.org if you have any questions!

Bee creative!

You may use any type of art supplies (paint, markers, collage, etc.), but the poster must…

  • be original work

  • be on a poster board approximately 24” x 36”

  • be brought to the Brooks or Smith Office by Friday, March 29th

  • Include:

The slogan         
Don’t Worry - BEE Happy!

The words          
12th Annual LSF Spelling Bee
April 7, 1:00

A yellow circle
What can a yellow circle be? It forms the LSF logo, but can be so much more! Please include one (or many!) in your poster design.