Honor A Teacher & Staff Recognition Award

Looking for a special way to thank a teacher, staff member, teaching team or admin team? Recognize them with a beautifully personalized, handwritten HATS gift. It's so easy to do, and your HATS gifts support the brilliant ideas funded by the LSF. There are so many people in our schools who have a positive impact on our children every day, and we are happy to help honor them with HATS!

The LSF Honor A Teacher & Staff program gives you the perfect opportunity to recognize teachers and staff members of your choice while supporting the Lincoln School Foundation. For a gift of $15, the LSF will award a certificate of appreciation to a special professional at the Lincoln or Hanscom schools. For $50, you may honor five individuals.  

Also now available, you may honor a Grade Teaching Team or Staff Team as a group for $50 or $100. This is a quick and easy way to say thanks to a Middle School Teaching team, the Administration Team, our team of Custodians, the LEAP After School Team, Transportation and Cafeteria Teams—you name it! 

At the same time, your HATS gift provides vital financial support that directly funds LSF grant initiatives.

Gift amounts will not be disclosed. Your gift is tax-deductible.

How does it work?

Upon receipt of your HATS form, a HATS Recognition Award (personalized with your name and any specified message) will be sent directly to the teacher or team by the LSF.  

Does my gift go directly to the honoree?

No. Your HATS gift, honoring a teacher or team, directly funds LSF grants. Teachers & Staff will recieve a certificate delivered by LSF. 

Who can be honored?

In addition to your child's teachers and assistants, consider celebrating the hard work of teaching specialists (such as science, math, art, music, drama, wellness, literacy, and technology), librarians, office staff, nurses, custodians, METCO staff, LEAP, Lincoln Recreation Department—anyone associated with your child's school experience! All who work to enhance your child's learning experience are eligible.