Congratulations to the winners of the 11th Annual Spelling Bee!

The Lincoln School Foundation’s 11th annual Spelling Bee for grades 3 - 6 was on Sunday, April 29th. Congratulations to the 112 students who participated in this afternoon of fun, teamwork, and fantastic spelling!

With the help of Director of Technology, Rob Ford, and the LPS Audio/Visual staff, we incorporated technology into the Bee again this year. All teams in a heat received the same words to spell, and spellers typed their final answers on a laptop to be displayed on large screens in front of each team for the audience to see. In addition, in order to better use the Bee to showcase LSF grant work, we once again ran a slideshow of photos with captions in between heats and grade-level rounds.

The grade-level championship teams were:

Third Grade: Olivia Ancillo, Jahi Banda, Ilyssa Cedeno
Winning Word: Capitalization

Fourth Grade: Henry Hussey, Rahul Rani, and Alex Zipes
Winning Word: Feisty

Fifth Grade: Ryan Lang and Maddie Yablonsky
Winning Word: Corrosion

Sixth Grade: Andrea Alvarado-Rosado, Elle Case, Annabella LaPuma
Winning Word: Embellish


Bee Tees

Inspired by the Lincoln Red Gearticks (First Lego League) Hydrodynamics Project, the LSF asked families to consider reusing their Bee t-shirts in upcoming years. The Gearticks met with LSF trustees to highlight concerns about the amount of water that is used to produce a t-shirt, the effects of pesticides used on cotton crops, and how many tons of textile are thrown out each year. They shared that “if all 325 million Americans reuse one t-shirt, we could save 232 billion gallons of water annually!” and asked if the LSF would adopt a “reuse” practice with Bee shirts. Each year, spellers will be asked to reuse their Bee shirt, and they will receive an iron-on patch that is unique to that year’s Bee to add to their shirt. The LSF was excited to support this innovative idea by students that conserves water, reduces waste, and protects our planet.

Thank you!

As always, we had great support from school faculty and the community at the Bee. This year’s guest judges and pronouncers were: Gwen Blumberg, Sarah Collmer, Jane Flanders, Sharon Hobbs, Erich Ledebuhr, Jennifer Mastrullo, Dan Pereira, Jessica Rose, Jessica Traut-Savino, and Denise Shaver. A special thank you to Director of Technology Rob Ford, Dane Clune and Joe Dearden of the LPS Audio/Visual staff, and custodian Francisco Oliveira for their help throughout the day of the Bee!